Friday, 7 June 2013

Shortcut Virus Remover V3.1

What is Shortcut Virus ?

Shortcut Virus is actually transforming file folder format tu a shorcut format(.exe). This type of virus is like to change the characteristic of the file but not the data of the file. The shortcut is often redirect to win32.exe and many others.
Why we need this Shortcut Virus Remover?. Its because this application is portable, can be run on pendrive/thumbdrive and did not take many space of your disk. It easy to use and come in handy if you be infected by other computer while you want to print a document or transfer any data from a folder file. You can download the Shortcut Virus Remover.exe from this link..
So, lets get started!!

Download :

Step 1

These are the example file folder that has been infected/changed their chracteristic of the file. Its still a file folder but the access to these file has be changed and be redirect to other place and sometime could harm your computer. I warn you, DO NOT DOUBLE CLICK TO THESE FILE otherwise you will make many more of your file be infected. If you double click to these file, its like the admin of the computer is granted the virus to access any other file that the virus can reach and infect it.

Step 2

After you have finish download the application just double click the Shortcut Virus Remover v3.1 Icon and you can see the application menu.
You can choose either pendrive or computer based on where your infected file is located. In this case I will show by using pendrive method.

Just double click the "pendrive" icon and search wherever you disk that has be infect located. As for this case my disk would be (G:). Click the disk.

After that just hit scan button on the left and click yes to scan the disk (G:).

Step 3

After a while it will scan the disk and show the result on "Select file to delete (VIRUS)" box. As you can see these are the virus that changed our file folder characteristic. The virus will see as These are the virus that we need to be deleted.

Now select "Delete All Virus ( Recommended)" and click delete box at the bottom left of the menu on "Main" section. Do not to worry, it will not delete your data but only the virus and you will get your data back once its done the delete process.

After finish the process click "OK" and "Close" the menu and your Done!!

Now you can see back your infected file has totally restore and the data is safe. Enjoy!!.


  1. thank you very very much!!!!!!!!! more power to come

    1. Your Welcome!! Please let me know if you need other application, I might help you Rocky Ragay..he

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